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    Introduction of Ngan Trung ventilation

    Co., Ltd. Production - Trading - Central Bank Services, MST 0315.380.394 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment. NGAN TRUNG company specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining all kinds of wind doors, air conducting systems, air conditioning systems, pressure systems, boilers, cooling towers, construction materials, etc.
    The products produced by the company have been trusted by customers all over the country for big projects, including new urban areas such as Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Trung Yen, My Dinh, Ciputra, Dinh Cong, An Khanh ... besides, products are also installed in many factories and factories throughout the country to ensure the best working environment for workers.
    Typical products in the ventilation industry: Zinc-galvanized steel pipe, Stainless steel, Black steel, Wind-door, VCD, OBD, FD ....




    NGAN TRUNG Production - Trading - Service Co., Ltd

    Address: 1125 Nguyen Anh Thu Street, Trung My Tay Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
    Hotline: 0983.018877 - email: